Sunday, March 14, 2010

SMU Animal Day

We dropped by SMU yesterday for their annual animal day fair for a short while. Auntie Barffie from the Cat Welfare Society was suppose to be there... but she disappeared by the time we arrived.
Also Auntie Ingrid Mak was also suppose to be there to meet us, but she went too late... ended up we had to meet new people instead.
They do all sorts of interesting and weird things at that school! Like having to show support through well-wishes of people, a sort of petition, but other from the leg work, there isn't much else. I prefer having a warm hot meal when I cannot afford one.
Nigel was also with us but he has a little bit of a skin condition, so he isn't too sociable at the moment... that's him standing off to the rear as Bruno that little slut goes around taking pictures with the students there.
The rest had their own little photo-session as well... I was just happy that it isn't that hot already.

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