Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy CNY everyone... / Hottest Month every

Say hi to Ozzie. She was suitably HOT and Tired... and I think we are all Hot and Tired for the month of Feb. Hottest and driest ever I think. That's bad news for us dogs. We'll need tons of water to stay cool.
Slobbering helps tremendously too. Say hi to Cola... well, his real name is Coke, but apparently when yelled at, the name sounds rather crude. Hence Pa suggested Cola. Its better to have a name that you can yell without being afraid of sounding crude.
The West Coast Dog Run wasn't too bad. Many other dogs were there fooling around. not much running except Bruno and me. We did have fun anyway.
After that... it was a swimming session before going to take a shower. It was the perfect ending at Club 4 Paws Pte Ltd... The water was Perfect. The company was Great. Auntie Linny works there!

The annual membership fee of $40 and an entry of $5 each time you enter the pool. There is an excellent cafe there for both your food and drink purposes, not to mention that you'll be able to have a great meal with your doggie.
and sometimes... what we all need is family.

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