Thursday, November 05, 2009

Kite Flying Day

Ooooo.... this happened months ago but I have no idea why i didn't manage to blog about it... Going through some of my pictures again sometimes can turn up real gems like these!! Kite Flying in Seng Keng!
Uncle Edmund had a really cool kite of a Black Pirate ship... it wasn't too windy that day, and the Kite didn't fly that well... but it was a cool kite nevertheless. Pa also has two similar kites... and they didn't fly well as well... until...
He whipped out his STRING OF 50 KITES! Those flew beautifully!
That's Auntie Gail trying not to mess up the kites....
and that's Auntie Yin totally messing them up.
See what I mean?
There were plenty of people all around, so we didn't run round much... We just chilled and hung around.
Maybe a little too much... but hey... we didn't mind.
I mean nothing better to take in a little sun.
As long as everyone goes back with a big wide grin.
By evening most people vacated the field... so Pa let us run around playing fetch.
It was a little muddy... but we didn't care. It was good to stretch out a little.
Bruno as usual had a great time. So did I.

As we were back at the car and packing up, this fellow came over and greeted Pa. Pa talked to him all friendly but the person suddenly said things like don't bring a bad name to dog owners. Apparently he had seen us off-leash and playing ball just now and he didn't like it at all.

Pa detected something is wrong with the person, so he flipped the guy off and left. Usually people like that can sometimes think they know better. Moreover, it was dinner time and Pa was hungry.

Sorry for the long missing updates inbetween... but things have been crazy. Till next time then!


Daphne Maia said...

I DON'T GET IT. So dogs cannot be unleashed? Even when they're playing? And nobody else is around ... ummm.

Anyway. Good photos. I want to play with Bruno and Bear again...

~*~ ToBy n TaMy ~*~ said...

I love seeing your pics and reading about your dogs... i tink tt some owners are total craps!~ jus tryin too hard to be a smart ass when its obvious that he isnt. wat? tryin to be a good citizen and dog owner is it? he should jus go fly a kite...

Ice Pony Girl said... are very cute!

Anonymous said...

I guess why the person was uncomfortable with you letting Bear Bear off-leash is because by law, Rottwillers are supposed to be muzzled at all times when they're out simply because they are classified as a "dangerous" breed like pit bulls.

In Singapore, every dog has to be leashed up in public areas. I was issued a warning before for allowing my Maltipoo to walk off leash. So, in a nutshell, Singaporeans aren't comfortable when they see big dogs or even small dogs walking off leash especially those "dangerous" dogs.

So when the guy mention about not bringing shame to dog-owners, I guess he was just trying to say be more considerate since it's a public place and not a dog run.

Just my two cents worth.