Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You know it, its crunch time!

Its been a really busy month... especially now. Big surprise to all, Suria the Singapore Malay Muslim channel has hired Bruno and Me to be part of their Kampong Drama Production.These are just 3 of the boys that had to be chased by us down...And they were having so much fun that Bruno had to do it over and over again! The camera's kept on catching their grins on their faces... This was actually great. Better understanding between our two cultures is always welcome.This place that we were at is truly Singapore's last Kampong. Its as if you are transported to a whole new place altogether.The houses, lifestyle, atmosphere is just in such contrast to Singapore's hectic pace. Can't reveal too much of our gig right now... but when the time is right, we have loads of pictures that recorded this entire fantastic experience!PS> Even the Pigeons are fat and fearless there!


Lille said...

hi can't stop laughing at the picture of bruno chasing the malay boys. they are really cute and game for this.

well done for what ever you are doing. i admire you for that.

BigBrownBearBear said...

Thank you!