Monday, October 26, 2009

Summer, in need of a new home

Meet Summer. She was found half-starved at a playground... but even then, she was very sweet to her rescuers. She has since been nursed back to health from 3 weeks ago and the Vet has given her a clean bill of health... and her teeth are so CLEAN!
It is kinda obvious that summer contains some GR blood in her.... the facial structure is unmistakable. Her body size however is pretty small. About 18-20kgs at best.
Even meeting us for the first time... she was pretty confident and easy to be with. She warmed up to us easily and wasn't at all skittish... OK... MAYBE a little... but who wouldn't be? look at Bruno.
She is very very sweet. Very tame. And seriously quite beautiful. She doesn't smell a day over a year old. In fact, Pa estimates her to be about 9-11 months old only. She has yet to be spayed, so it would be good that her new parents would help her do that.

To view, please contact Pa at or

Currently she is fostered at Station99
(SPECTRA Arts and Adventure Hub 270 Upper Bukit Timah Road #01-11/12)
So if you are looking for a great dog to begin with, contact us immediately and we will see if Summer is just the right dog for you!

***Summer is not a eligible candidate for HDB dwelling***

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Unknown said...

Oh my, she is gorgeous! If only I have a bigger apartment :-(