Tuesday, October 06, 2009

iTK... An "accurate" depiction of Pa... when he gets slimmer.

This is Shinji Ikari, main character of Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン Shin Seiki Evangerion) But he will no longer be Shinji.

Say hi to iTK. An accurate yet brooding depiction of Pa in his quest to look remotely like this guy. Wakakaka... Pa is quite the clown.

Today, Pa was asked to help rehome a GR that was purchased a year ago as a gift from a guy to a girl... just because the girl watched the movie 10 promises to my dog. Movies like Nemo, Marley and Me, etc. there would be an inevitable spike in sales of the "animal". Even now movies like G-Force carries warning labels asking people not to purchase the pet because of the movie.

Strangely, movies like Cujo probably wouldn't increase the popularity of Rotties.

Anyway, she has to give the dog up because she doesn't have time for the dog, stays in a 3 room government flat, didn't train the dog, and now... HDB is now forcing her to give up the dog or else AVA officers will put it down.

As Pa has a waiting list of potential adopters that has a place in their homes for another member, he offered his help to rehome the dog. Of course... some rules apply.

-No Adoption Fee (any money contributed would go into Pa's medical fund for needy dogs)
-No Changing of Decision
-No Viewing of the Dog after a successful adoption.

This is to lower the chance of depression and eventual dog bites. Dogs when removed from their homes would be depressed... and given the fact the dog is untrained, the new family would have to be stern and strict during the training period.

Should the previous owner come by needlessly and frequently, the dog would only be really happy and depressed every time the previous owner walks away. This might contribute to an "incident". Not only that... it is only selfish and unreasonable for the previous owner to want to do this.

Looks like she is not agreeable and wants to continue to visit him after he gets adopted. Pa has decided that such people should then handle their own affairs.

The only fellow that really loses out is the dog.So look out for the little adventures of iTK with his other little half naked friends in Tokyo! That's where he is from... doesn't speak a single word of English right now.


..Maria.. said...

Yes, I strongly believe the owner shouldn't be allowed to view the dog after adoption. It's depressing for the dogs and the new owners themselves! It's just really selfish for the ex-owner to still want to see the dog, yet didn't want to make extra effort to take care of the dog themselves!

BigBrownBearBear said...

thank you for understanding this point of view....

Nikki said...

Human emotions are complicated. Maybe the dog represents boyfriend whom she still has feelings for. She should give the dog a chance for a better life; better to break two hearts than three hearts.