Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A day at the Beach... and NOT swimming...

Auntie Radha has gone a little mad.
That's one vicious bite worthy of a baby rottie gone mad.
But I am guessing Uncle Josh is totally ok with it. Sigh... we went ALL the way to the beach and we weren't allowed to swim and stuff... BORING!!! I hope such teasing would stop immediately.
Imitating us might earn you some brownie points... but seriously... teasing a rottie is never a great idea!
Sigh... WATER... PLAY... argh.
Eventually have to face it and just enjoy the sand and... ermmm... more sand.
By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE JUNHAO! that was a GREAT dinner. Also Auntie Linny... its her birthday today... but we dun see her much anymore. I guess she has some new friends. Not a great week I suppose... and this coming week would suck even more.

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