Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cookie's Training Class / New Friends in the Heartlands!

Meet Auntie Crystal, she rescued Cookie from SPCA and fell head over heels with him... unfortunately, she didn't have the proper tools to train Cookie and he was getting out of hand. Though in love, she tried to rehome cookie, but his bad behavior ensured that others were not so easily impressed.
But what a Great 1st class that was! Auntie Crystal was a better trainer than Pa thought she might be and he was pleasantly surprised. With great voice and tone control and a few pointers from Pa, she ended up being rather decent in her commands. Good thing was that she had the time to train the little Cookie Monster too.
We met other friends near Auntie Crystal's place too! Surprising at the number of people that were so fascinated that they stayed throughout the entire session and MORE! Best of all, they played with us.
Plenty of questions and hopefully Pa manage to answer them all. We had a great time with them too... Understandably they were apprehensive... but... it wasn't long before we wormed our way into their hearts.
They ended up thinking it would be great bring us back with them... to hug and sleep with. Pa with his ever wet blanket explained why sleeping with your dog was a very bad idea.
The kids here were fearless as well! Though this boy strangely felt the bottle was more fun than I was.
In comes Auntie Stephanie and her little one! First she was totally shocked to see two Chihuahuas in a housing estate area... and she was an avid lover of dogs... she really wanted her little baby to experience us as well...
We put on our best behavior and did our thing... worming our way into everyone's hearts.
I can't help it if baby's smell so good.
Even Bruno knew not to scare the little one...
I simply just cannot get enough!
Its really ok... I really do not bite.
Now, after seeing just how gentle we can get, everyone begins to relax.
This is one brave kid I tell yah... but we gave no reason to fear us.
A big hug for everyone! Bruno put on his best smile!
Kiss my hand you fool!
After that, Pa had a spot to eat at a Hawker Centre... and little girls and boys were crawling all over us next! After first before the kids, most kept their distance as Pa sat underneath the "no Pets" sign board. But after that? it was a free for all and especially the older folks really appreciated us there!

We have found a NEW doggie tolerant place! Thank you ABC market!


stan said...

think i've seen cookie at spca 2 wks ago.

i was saint4 on your chatbox. typo...shld b saint3.

stan said...

oh ya..reason y i need the tips is bcoz I'm planning to adopt a 2nd bigger dog. yeah.

BigBrownBearBear said...

Hi Stan,

not a problem... drop us an email and we will include you in the training lessons