Thursday, March 26, 2009

the Demise of KM8

Sad news for all doggie beach goers... KM8 is finished. The rumors were true. Sentosa has apparently refused to renew their lease and they would be bidding us goodbye this final weekend.
What a great time we had over there. The Staff were the friendliest in the world... and they really didn't mind us there at all.
The people there? Perfect... beautiful... and totally cool with us there. We were da bomb.
The weekends were pack with party goers and had no problems having a wild time with us. Fantastic action.
The mixture of people of all size, creed, species, color were fantastic. The lifeguards were a little anal sometimes... but certainly not all the time. We could swim and bake in the sun... we even swam to the little island across....
This was certainly one good thing that we didn't want end at all. We hope another great place would pop up in its place... somehow... sigh...
As the night falls, the party just gets started... the girls glowing with their tan would shower us we the attention and affection we rightly deserve. Where would we all go now?
Here i am whining away... and there is Bruno sleeping away. Sometimes... I really wonder what is going on in his head. But maybe he has the right idea after all... If we were to party hard this weekend, we would definitely need to store up the energy to do so!

Sleepy Time! <-Internet Joke... about how a guy moronically tries to hypnotize girls via MSN. Google it! Its really so very funny as the girls plays out his fantasy! I love girls... they ish so smart.

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Amber-Mae said...

Looks like the ladies love you a lot!

Belly jiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer