Monday, March 09, 2009

Its Ma's birthday! Happy 26th! WOOHOO!

Happy BIRTHDAY! Though we celebrated it a bit earlier... it was still a fun time... especially when Pa won the purple Stitch head from an arcade machine...
Hey... the family resemblance is uncanny!
These are some of the shots Pa taught Auntie Sinyee how to do... Click to see the nice panoramic pictures Pa and she took! EXCELLENT!
Hahaha... Uncle RK was at two places at once!
Really not too bad eh? Its a Sony Ericsson Phone, 3.2 mega pixel cam. Lots to play with.
Its another year... and my birthday is coming as well! I wonder I wonder I wonder... what will be next? Will i EVENTUALLY get to celebrate my birthday this year?

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Paw & Yoyo said...

Ask your pa to bring you to Yo's barkday pawty!! I woffed to him but not sure if he remembers..