Monday, February 02, 2009

Nigel is recoverying well... *toes Crossed* / Meeting up with SherJay

Nigel currently has improved a lot... he is still miserable but his health seems to be improving by leaps and bounds. We have great hope that he will actually recover fully. With only two more reviews to go... he has incurred over $1500-$1600 worth of bills. Honestly, that's really the lower end of our estimates.
On a brighter note... I met our new SherJay. *GRINZ* i was SO excited meeting him! I couldn't leave him alone or let him be... I was always trying to get near to him. Pa didn't allow me of course.

Uncle Song (Pa's brother and Baby's father) was telling Pa that it was fine for me to meet. But Pa said he didn't want me to get into the habit of approaching a new born especially as that would scare the shit out of everyone.

In the end, I stood guard in front of the crib... listening to his little sounds and his cries. Getting all excited, trying to understand it all.
Bruno on the other hand, well... was on the other hand. He just ignored SherJay. Silly Fellow... he still doesn't realise just how cool SherJay is... and all the interesting smells from him!

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Ashley said...

Very cool chair! And thanks for the martial arts interpretation :)