Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An ear infection / A new place to explore

Perfect Weather... no rain, cool, windy... Simply PERFECT.
And what does BRUNO my idiot brother get? an ear infection. ARGH. So we didn't manage to join Pa when he explored a new place near the farm... But according to these pictures and Pa, this place is worth going back for a lot more.
First he came upon these... SUPER SIZE Cockles!
Just to show you what sort of monsters these are Uncle Jackson puts his hands next to them... the shells are as big as his PALM. We didn't even know these even existed in Singapore... Looks like someone found them as tasty as they look and Uncle Jackson and Pa found these littered all over.
They spotted other people using net traps to catch a huge variety of fish, crabs and even stingrays! BIG ONES TOO! If you think the fellow on top is on a kayak...
He was really on this... a monster size foam board. If you look closely you can see some of the very impressive catch.
Pa went further down the track on foot, only to find some of the best unspoiled spots still existing in Singapore. Even the water was clean and clear... it certainly looks beautiful. We aren't too sure that is that little structure by the water, but it looks like a little ancient floodgate.The sights didn't seem to end, there were all sorts of wildlife in the area... sure there is some rubbish here and there, but generally it looked great.Pa cannot wait to get into the water and see what he can find! Fish.... monster cockles... and... Oyster?Further down the stream was even more stunning sights and creatures... and Pa even spotted OYSTER SHELLS... that's right... MONSTER OYSTER is available here! and someone has been happily enjoying them... well its not a secret any longer.The next time Pa is going, he will be bringing us... and off leash too... I just cannot wait! Anyone wants to join us for a little hashing?


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

wow those are some crazy shells!

Sorry to hear about the ear infection


Nikki said...

Singapore waters not very clean right? That's what godpa tells me.
The new "collar" looks nice :) Maybe can draw a bow-tie on it :P