Monday, February 09, 2009

Nigel begins to eat, ClubPets 2nd Place, Sentosa Sun, Sand and Sea

Just met Nigel the other day, He had his tube removed and is beginning to eat again. He looks real happy, but he still tends to go to the corner and to be by himself, I guess it would still take a little time to get better.Pa on the other hand brought us to KM8 again, and the sun was too damn hot. Even Pa got sunburnt, we swam to the little island and back again, it was quite relaxing... i just wish the sun wasn't that hot in the first place.
hahaha... Fruits on Ice at the beach is Da Bomb.Remember this photo?? Clubpets just got back to us and told us we manage to snag 2nd place. Pa wasn't that thrilled... he had really wanted me to win. More to be able to talk about the general misunderstandings of our breed. Oh well... the next competition we go!
We would love to thank everyone that had voted for us... it was great... we wished we won but hey... you win some you lose some... Anyone wants me for their ad?


DoMoFi said...

2nd place? Not bad I guess :D I voted for Bear! :)

Nikki said...

Did they say win by how many votes? Might be a close fight :)

Thiang! said...

Who won the first?