Monday, December 15, 2008

Luna the English Cocker Spaniel is up for Adoption...

Meet Luna the 11 month old ECS... she is in need of a HOME! Her own has abandoned her... She was left to roam with no supervision, and when she came home, she is tied to the kitchen and not left to move about.
She is brought to the vet today for a checkup... She is microchipped but with who we have no idea... we will be checking with AVA later on.
The ex-owners practically dumped her off to the rescuer and were very cruel about it... It is obvious she has never been truly loved. I have not yet met her... but i think she really needs a lot of love and patience to get her back on her feet.

She has no papers or any other normal documentation work usually associated with such a beautiful dog.

Please email with your family background, housing status and handphone number... and we will get back to you about a viewing.
Christmas is coming... Its been almost a year since I had Bruno come to me... His birthday is really soon too. Everyone should be with their families this time of the year... Luna too. Luna should be with her family.

Will you be her family?


Zen said...

Thanks, uncle TK.

Amber-Mae said...

Poor girl Just a bootiful dog. Some owners are just so dumb to throw their dogs away. My hoomans just found another Golden Retriever & we managed to trace it back to the breeder becoz she has a microchip. And she's a Show Dog!!! OMG!!! Luckily we saved her form the streets in time because the fog catches would loooove to get hold of her.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

JO said...

hi i'm looking for a dog to accompany my girl however i have no knowledge with cocker spaniel. will they shed alot? are the big size?

i'm living in a hdb flat. my dog is a MS x Maltese. so she quite small.

BigBrownBearBear said...

Hi Jo, just email if you are interested... as for having a crash course on ECS, you can find pretty much everything on the Net.

Anonymous said...

im intrested in adopting thhis dog... please send me the details on my id
im looking for a perfect company for me.. she will be the one whom i can give lot of love