Tuesday, December 09, 2008

An Impossible Love Story / Belly Dancing / Rock Climbing

Janee: "Bruno, it'll just be impossible between us. Its a Dog's life we have."
Bruno: "No Janee, we can make this work. I know we can. Please, do not do this!"
Janee: "Bruno, we will always be friends. No matter what happens. But we cannot harbor anymore false hopes, or else, it would kill us a little each and everyday."
This is the picture found on page 71 of this month's Pets Magazine! Go check it out! Ok... its a TINY picture....
The Doggie people had a meet up and they didn't bring their dogs... except PA! and he brought me! There was even some belly dancing entertainment. If you ask me.... tummies were never mean to look like that.
Rock climbing is something new Pa is doing... and once again, he has the only camera.
This is no camera trick. Its as high as they come. Over 25meters. Probably the largest artificial rock in Singapore.
It was plenty of fun... but it was real tiring. Pa promised that we will get to go the next time he climbs.
Pa just finished a climb... he couldn't get to the top yet, but it would be soon!
I wasn't keeping that idle myself... I still have it in me to attract the ladies...
and boy... the things I can get away with... I'm sure she's hiding something.


Zen said...

mummy said that's jiggling, not dancing..

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