Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is coming... Spread some Love.

Thank you Auntie nadnut... Pa had no idea where you could have gotten this from, but he has been looking for one for years! Its beautiful.
So beautiful till he doesn't bear to remove the plastic protection that comes with it!
Pa brought us to a gift exchange and we met a few more people down at NYDC Heeran. Some brought their babies...
Pa brought us instead! We had a good time meeting people of course. The weather was pretty cool, so we didn't really mind staying outside.
Dun worry... i was keeping a close eye at him! The staircase can be a dangerous place!
Other complete strangers couldn't help themselves but to come up to me to take a picture... I have always wondered why noone wants to take a picture with Pa...
I mean... i think he'll probably get kinda jealous.
[insert]TK: "No i am not."[/insert]
Everyone from all walks of life was welcomed... some stood far off until Pa calls them over to meet.
This woman was at first pretty skeptical about me... after which we could all see her lose her inhibitions and loved me for who i am, and not fear the breed.
Later on, we shifted locations and met even more people... its one of those meet the people's session days... but we really enjoyed it thoroughly.
Meet Erica and her brother... both who had bad experiences with Rotties before... We hope we certainly manage to change their minds about the breed.
They were great! and gave especially Bruno plenty of belly rubs. It'll be my turn next.
Yesh... Erica Jie was totally sitting on Bruno... and look how contented he is!
We then had a great run at our nearby field before meeting another family that loves us for who we are. Its been a great week.I was happily outrunning Bruno during fetch too! that boy i tell you ish getting kinda FAT.What to do? I am always the older brother, and he always take advantage of me! Heard that there is a new article on small dogs that bite in today's papers... I will go take a look at it and report it later!

Its going to be Bruno's birthday as well... to my Brother of 1 year... as handsome, childish, charming, puppyish, naughty dog that you are, i wouldn't wish for anyone else to be with.


Amber-Mae said...

Wow! Nice calendar. And you two are always sooo popular when you go out. Everybody wants to take pictures with you both!

Anonymous said...

that erica is hot sia...
lucky both of u...

BigBrownBearBear said...

We think she's not as hot as us.

We have to wear a fur coat around!