Sunday, July 13, 2008

It has been a Busy Month, SCDF Training

Plenty has happened but I hadn't had time to update everyone about them... I'll try to take some time off to write and post up some excellent pictures...
These are some pictures by Aunty Jyin, a really old friend of Pa's. She tagged along SAR training one Saturday and she took some really excellent pictures. She even made usually dumb looking Bruno pretty good.
Pa is....Huge. It was after looking over these pictures that I realise that. Look at the guy beside him. Look at ME! I look like a Chihuahua.
Well, going through the rather simple warm up before we get into the good stuff. See that Collar around my neck? Well, that's to indicate to me that fun time is over. Time to work! SCDF training basically emphasizes on locating the victim and calling for help.

I usually give a little first aid as well like a mouth to mouth... just to make sure they aren't faking it.
Bruno is newer to the training, so he can get a little distracted and confused. But really, he's a smart boy and can do it if he wants to. And I thought Bruno was a BIG boy. Compared to Pa, he is a poodle at best.
Little kids take part in the training as well. You should too! Check out how brave this girl is... but she knows us and she has two big dogs of her own.
She's a pretty good trainer too. Once Velvet (above German Shepherd) took her stuff toy and refused to return it to her... She soundly thumped Velvet on the snout and took her toy back. Velvet never crossed her again.

She's a really cool kid.
She even fell and trampled over me just before taking this photo... Not that I mind. Rather used to having girls falling all over me.
A little praise goes a long way when I have done what I need to do. Sometimes, its like WAY better than treats.
Eventually, its time to leave our training ground. Can't wait for another week! Its really great. It doesn't matter what dog you have, but its really cool to have them use their brains. Unless you're like Bruno... then that dumb dog just really like eating.


Nikki said...

Bear Bear in uniform, handsome.

Anonymous said...

hi.. april here.. im the one that met u yest at yishun... im feeding my dog Chrysler wif raw liao.. trying out.. thanx for the advice.. hee.. hopes he gets better..


Anonymous said...

Wow! That training is so cool. I know you are really good at it and can set a great example for Bruno!


Anonymous said...

'twas a beautiful sunny morning... thanks for sharing the SAR training with me and let me have a chance to click away and get rid of my life-long phobia of dogs... well... almost : )

2 of the most well behave dogs i have ever met.... even for a dumb one like bruno !

"aunty jyin"