Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guess What / Depression

Guess what really gross thing this is...
This is actually Pa's hair... on his BACK. The damn thing comes out easily enough. And what is really amazing is that it has usually more than 1 hair follicle. There can be up to 6-8 follicles.

Miss everyone i haven't seen for a long time as well. Pa today was kinda looking back at all the friends he no longer speaks too or meet. And the ones that hurt when he does meet them.

Looks like being a human isn't really all its cut out to be. I wish I was a dog instead , taken care of and never worrying about anything.

MY WISH CAME TRUE! See? expectations can be so much easily contented when you do wish and want for the right things... especially the ones that were sitting right in front of you in the first place.

Be careful what you wish for wor... sometimes it might just come true.

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