Friday, July 18, 2008

Birthday Celebration / USDAA 2008

Apparently the age old riddle of what goes up and never comes down doesn't really hold true for Pa. He has taken to counting backwards every single birthday since 4 years ago. So this year he is a ripe young age of 23.

Even the cake that he has gotta be real special. Never seen an uglier one in my life but hey... I'm only 2. Dun take my word for it.
Really cute Card that Every Cat lover should give a fellow Dog lover.....
Pa went to take some more picture via invitation of the latest USDAA Trials. It was good fun, but mainly a learning process from Uncle John, a professional photographer that was giving tips all day.I do not know that if that helped Pa take better pictures, but it definitely reduced editing time. Only over 300 shots were take. However, this time fewer deletions.
Uncle John frowns on "money shots" or better known as the Pictures that will Sell. He was definitely more into the artistic aspect of his craft.
Capturing the moment was a lot more difficult than what Pa had first imagined. Getting muddy and dirty is a requirement.
The Alpha 100 by Sony did a decent job, but when Pa held until John's equipment... (Pa's Note: this is NOT a sexually explicit comment.) It was definitely a different feeling altogether.
Pa has plenty to learn from other expert photographers out there... Hope you guys continue to enjoy the pictures.


JesuaFreak said...

TK feeling inadequate eh

Amber-Mae said...

Happy Birthday to your Pa! That cake looks nice but too bad it's chocolate & too bad we dogs can't eat chocolate. Boohoo! Didn't your hoomans think about you 1st before buying a cake? Hehe!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Deanna said...

Those are great shots!