Sunday, October 07, 2007

Breed Legislation looming for Dogs?

With the new breed legislation, this was bound to happen. Dogs are being given up faster than they are being adopted. Dogs that cannot fend for themselves are wondering onto expressways and tied to trees, abandoned at Dog Runs.

Years of rescuers efforts all down the drain. On the other hand, the new legislation and fine might improve things over time. As people would think very carefully about getting a pet... and perhaps this alone would help curb puppy mills and filter out the "3-minute passion" people from the true doggie lovers, keepers.
And all it takes is just 1 irresponsible owner to throw everything back 20 years. The above article talks about how a Husky attacked a little girl. Play or not, this is just unacceptable. Pa was just mentioning that if it happened to HIS child (HaR? I thought that was me! He lets others bite me all the time!!) he would have probably broke the dogs neck on the spot.

Ok... My Pa's a little passionate about his response... but honestly I understand where he is coming from. I just hope that Sentosa doesn't ban dogs anytime soon... and I really feel for the husky... It is he that has to pay the ultimate price of his Life.

Please read up about the breeds, and think carefully about a dog. If you do not, then it is not money that you lose, but you cause another to lose his/her life for nothing.
This my dear fur friends... the exactly what life has to offer.
Flying without wings.

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