Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pa has been following closely on the Rotties issue... And it is disheartening to see people how claims they know about dogs to comment so negatively. In the comments column, this person even comment twice under the same account 2 mins apart. With 3000 over comments on this account alone, it is obvious that this person has really nothing better else to do... and knows next to nothing about dogs.

First he comments about muzzling the dog 24/7 to prevent them from barking. Then he talks about lambs to slaughter. Can one consider this an opinion coming from an uneducated source? Human politicking can sometimes be pretty ugly.
Sigh... Admittedly, I myself aren't too happy about the newspaper report on the 5 rotties like that. I guess it was simply making the best situation of a bad situation. However, as they say, prevention is better than the cure.


Anonymous said...

Oh Bear. There will always be people like that around. They need to understand that a few rotten apples don't make the whole barrel bad. -kisses-


Anonymous said...

from the nick it sounds like he is malay and well...