Sunday, August 19, 2007

Here are just some random pictures I found on my Pa's camera. These are pictures from his recent Shanghai trip. Check out the cool Lego structure!
Apparently, its never too young to start in China. I wonder what they experiment on? Or maybe they are the ones being experimented on!
Apparently some classic Chinese dog Pa came across when he was walking in the residential areas. This one doesn't look it'll make a good meal. Those horror stories of them eating dogs must be untrue.
They even have little pussy cats that look exactly like the ones we get in Singapore... Not so different we are from them....

There has been a lot of reports about Rotties lately in the newspapers... Pa's very displeased how they are portraying the breed and feels that these random reports and nonconstructive comments only makes things worst.

Some of the people give very uneducated remarks. I listened to Pa and I am very upset as well. I wish I have a chance to tell everyone that it isn't about the Dog. It is about the Owner.

Remember Bella? She is SO happy now... Her new owners are so great... her's is a story I would love to share eventually... and G... If you are reading this... Send me some pictures or get my Pa to go and take some pictures of the Happy Family... So that he can tell a story... and hope that the few people that do read this site would spread the futility of Breed Legislation.


Urban Smoothie Read said...

yea, v heard about dog eating there too....

i knew a friend who actually rescued d dog from china, who nearly got eaten up...

they buy d dog home 2 b their new pet

Anonymous said...


Yes yes, G will arrange :-)

G takes terribe pics of me, I am very happy that you are able to rectify the situation.

I wish more people will give dogs like me a chance. I have been very lucky, I was given a head start by WS and C. G also said that it is all fate that she found me on your blog! Yeah!