Saturday, January 06, 2007

A shout out to Kevin the Collie from London.

Very nice of you to tag me on my new year's resolution...grrrr...

I've visited your blog and BOY!! did it have a lot of stuff all over the place!! Even investment tips??

I've also read that another site have stolen some of your articles... that's terrible.

Anyone here stole any of my articles to reprint yet?? ANYONE?? I'm obviously not famous yet.


Please leave a comment and a link or an email address... I'm planning the biggest birthday bash and all of you guys are invited... But I need to know how to contact you!!!

I'm going to make Baileys jealous! Talking about which I hope he has recovered from his sprained shoulder.

These are just some pictures taken during Bailey's 1st Birthday Party (October 2006). HE's just SO lucky.
Can You see me?? I'm inspecting the site.

Maybe I should make sure its all edible.

Bailey's loving parents with Daddy famous for losing handphones!!

I'm on patrol here....

Family Photo

I was at the age where I could almost get away with anything...

As for my New Year Resolutions, Pa told me to keep it very simple, so that I wouldn't break any of it...

  1. I will take my time to grow up.
  2. I will try to break every rule once.
  3. I will be patient to everyone. Even the stupid ones that shy away from me!
  4. I will educate as many people about how good Rotties are!
  5. I will not fall sick.

What are your resolutions?


Kevin the Collie said...

Hi, Bear It's Kev!
Thanks for visiting my blog, but we lost your comment in the blogosphere, hope you can come by again soon! Love the party pics, you guys get great weather out there. I will post some of your stuff on mine, then you will be even more famous

Simba and Jazzi said...

That looks like a cool party. So much food. yum yum.

Simba xx