Monday, January 01, 2007


I dun know what Pa was thinking but he brought me on a VERY LONG cemetery walk... but that was ok... then after a short rest at home, we went to BLISS Cafe at Punggol Park and proceeded up MOUNT FABER.

That's right... Pa parked at the BOTTOM and convinced the rest of the group to Walk Up the Hill.

Now...the Jam was terrible, so Pa made the right decision. But WOW...the walk was terrible on my manicure... or pedicure... ermmm.....

And we made it in TIME! 10 mins before midnight! Everyone was staring at Vivo City... waiting for the big Boom... and we could only see Siloso Beach having a small Fireworks... and then... Marina was having BIG BOOM BOOM....and Faber...well.... it was RIGHT ON TOP OF OUR HEADS!!!

At first I was frightened... but then I just sat and look. It was kinda pretty.

Vivo...was...quiet. No BOOM BOOM BOOM at all.

There was even a $35 ticket on the cable cars to watch the fireworks...but there was none to see. I can imagine the disappointment!

Happy New Year one and ALL! have a great 2007! I know I will....VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

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Simba and Jazzi said...

Happy new year!!!

Simba xxxx