Sunday, January 21, 2007

Check it out.

Pa was reading that in the business of Dogs, no two people will agree with each other. Pa is fine as he is trained as an economist. And apprently according to him, economists are placed on earth to make fortune tellers look good.

Choke Collars is what I have grown up with, and Pa is confident that I no longer need to wear one ALL the time anymore. I have proven that I can behave myself in general and returns to him when called.

There have been cases of Choke Collars damaging a Doggie's neck if left on all the time and some have theirs accidentally caught and that strangles them. Hence, Pa is going to use less of the choke collar unles during training.

So Pa saw this uber cool Harness from Big Dogs... Not the cheapest thing around, but CHECK IT OUT. I look like a combat-ready NSMan. If you add a sword behind, my name will be Sir Bear! Or Sir Bebert! hee hee hee.

I showed Pa my different poses in the New Combat Harness.... This is my Ear-back 100% attention pose.

Now....My ears are slightly forward as something catches my attention. Note that I only move my ears. All my body weight is still on my backside.
Now... Next is my Ears-Forward and ready to move. Note that I have shifted slightly as I wait the "on guard" command.
Now I am in Ready Position... Weight has been distributed to all for legs as I prepare to up and go at the slightest notice! I have shifted about 35% of my body weight to my fore legs.
This is the back view of my Harness. I have my double tags (I'll show you whats the other tag other from my AVA one later) and an uber cool handle. I always told Pa My right profile is better than my left profile.


Simba and Jazzi said...

you look very smart.

Simba xx

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hey, that harness looks like a lday catcher!

Bussie Kissies