Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hey Kaylie....long time no see...
Its been raining cats and dogs (no pun intended) the last few days....sometimes as just as Pa is getting ready to the park...BOOM! it starts raining...
I miss all my pals. There was one evening where I met up with everyone and Jose's mom was telling Pa about some hiking thing for 1.5 hours through Mud and stuff... after which everyone with their Dogs off leash would enjoy a Beer.
I dun know whats a Beer but from Pa's face, it must be pretty good news.
This is TianPing, Pa's Nephew which makes Pa his Uncle. Apparently he has the same sleeping disease as me... Pa did the same thing with me and my tongue...when he pulled it all the way out and I didn't even realise it.
I haven't been really kept indoors as Pa as usual would bring me to all sorts of places. Pa has been incredibly busy with Clients dropping in all the time. Pa told me not to complain as feeding me Fresh Beef every night isn't the cheapest thing around.
But...I never complain what.
Guess WHERE AM I!!??
Vivo CITY!! On the top floor! Its... a... swimming pool on the top floor! I wanted to go for a dip but Pa said he didn't bring a towel... Oh well... Next time then.
Some security people were discussing among themselves whether or not to talk to Pa... But they didn't dare come near. I think they were worried I am dirty or something... I wanted to tell them that those human kids that were screaming, shouting, running around were pretty dirty too.
Then I went inside to...
Pet Lovers Vivo City
It was GREAT! So many things to see... But Pa said things weren't very cheap there... But aren't I worth it? Pa had to park at Lobby G and take the lift up to the top floor. There is a back door way to Pet Lovers, but Pa took the front door.

Curious about everything...

There was so many things to see there... I loved to look at these little fellows...

I wonder what these are... and when Pa is going to buy a pet of my own. I've been telling him I wouldn't mind a Rabbit or...or...this cute little fellows. I promise I'll take GOOD care of them daddy! Really really.

Everyone was pretty pleased to see me

Why are human's so difficult? I enjoy meeting new people and I can see some humans pretty much enjoy meeting me too. Being pretty well-recieved at Pet Lovers but just a couple of steps away, outside at the mall, I become the big black monster.

I'm paper trained damn it. Some kids I know aren't even close to that.

Meet Cash the JRT at Dogaholics

She's pretty snappy... but in reality she pretty much likes to play. Imagine a JRT and a Rottie running around playing catch.

You get the idea.

I sampled some of the "food" there as well. Check out the Wall behind me. Dogoholics actually has a label on the wall system that enables them to stock their items properly and only bring them out when needed. This saves space and constant dusting of the products. Also the stuff can be kept in a proper environment.

Located at 519 Serangoon Road, the cafe is runned by June who is Cash the JRT's mummy. I cannot remember what the other fellow's name is... (didn't catch it cause he kept humping me when he could hardly reach up high enough...) his mum was pretty cute though.

Pa also adds to say that you have gotta try the mango slurpee. Its pretty good... and the deep fried cheese sticks. The deep fried mushrooms could have tasted better if they were fresh ones instead of the dried ones.

And this is the Chef of Dogaholics... its pretty strange for her to be petting me because according to June, she was terrified of Rotties.

However, once June brought her out... she and I had no problems getting along. She told June with one look that she knew I would be sweet and friendly to her. I just have that sort of face.

She's right.


Justin said...

hey, you 've some wonderful dogs n their pics out here!!And wanna know about my dogs..just check this out!!

Simba and Jazzi said...

I'd like a hamster like Fufu. Looks like you had great fun with the other doggies.

Simba xx

Anonymous said...

Mom's been keeping us at home a lot too. But she brought us out on Tuesday 'coz she said the weather was good. Yeah, good till it rained in the evening.

Getting a pet is a great idea. Mom's paranoid. She's scared we'd eat anything small that moves. So maybe you can share your pet with us?

Hope to see you at Bishan Dog Run soon Bear Bear. We're praying for good weather.

Paws & Kisses,
Chloe & Monty.