Monday, November 27, 2006

The Flash is too BRIGHT!
I was at Bliss Cafe (Punggol Park) when I met some people from Pets Channel gathering! I'm a member there as well, but didn't really participate in the forum, thinking that it wasn't really that happening.
Boy was I wrong! Met Kelly and her bf with Jacko the JRT. I will make Jacko like me one day. He's a grouchy little thing. Actually, it was Kelly that recognised Pa and me at first...I was simply there cause Pa was talking to a friend about love, life and other nonsense.
So Pa was amazed that Aunty Kelly actually recognised me...not that I'm that common! But because Aunt Kelly and Jacko met me at Eve's Birthday party! THAT'S RIGHT!!! Its a small world after all.
I manage to even get a slice of cake!! YUMMY! Pa was saying how I would slowly chew my food...but I manage to finish it in 2 swallows. Not my fault. Pa didn't FEED ME ALL DAY.

Anyway, for those who are taking careful note and buying 4D, I've just hit 20kg.


Simba and Jazzi said...

Cake, you lucky thing. If I don't eat all day do you think they'll give me cake instead?

Simba xx

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

The quicker you eat it shows the more you like it.

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Mommy says Chloe & I are vacuum cleaners. We inhale our food. Only way to get us to chew, is to give us huge chunks of meat & bones. Oh well.


Unknown said...

woooaaw you look muscular! i want a cake too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bear Bear!

I got a mission and I hope you can help me out plss...

My boss wants me to invite you to the Singapore DWB xmas party on 23th Dec 06.

Please email to for more details yah? (the last 2 figures of the email are zero and six).

Lead us to freedom!!!!

BigBrownBearBear said...

Hi Tommy,

thanks for the invite.

Bear would be delighted to go. I have tried emailing the address you provided but it seems that its not yet in existance.

Anonymous said...

Sorry dude!

It should be