Monday, November 06, 2006

Just wanted to highlight to you guys about Jay's Christmas Party that is coming up.

it would be great if plenty of people turned up!!

wish that everyone that decides to attend would buy something for other people's dogs. so if you're bringing 2 dogs, you should buy 2 pressies for the exchange!!! i can't wait!!!

I managed to get to the dog run today! I met up with some old fav. buddies including Baileys and his missing mummy! I was fooling around with another dog today and Baileys got down right JEALOUS!

Wow...a doggie fight over me. I'm really so treasured! I even have some new stuff...I'll take a couple of pictures and post them up later!

Its been a long day. I'll be turning in soon. Hope you guys all had fun today.


Anonymous said...
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BigBrownBearBear said...

I have just deleted a Robot Spam comment. This is a sad sad day indeed.