Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pa was trying to figure out my weak left hind leg (which is much much better after a good night's rest...) and my unstoppable drooling when he recieved some really terrible news.

Jaffe's mom messaged him... and we hurriedly looked at Jaffe's blog on what was going on...

Cody's gone. For reasons still unsure, Cody who was having a simple cold passed away last night. He was the cutest thing ever...

Pa was so sure that being the camwhore he was, he would have taken some pictures of sweet cody... but he couldn't find any, so he's using Jaffe's pictures. Here you see baby Cody lying beside Jaffe at the Dog run.

It has been hardly a few days since we last saw him... and now he is gone.

Cody's like the cutest thing ever! Not a single bad bone in his body. He was cheerful and good natured... very much so the promise of a bright doggie future. The times i played with him, he was never afraid or shy. He was truly having the perfect temprement of a big dog.

Cody at 3.5 months was already packing in the pounds. I was even afraid he would be catching up to me pretty soon. Even Kaylie was pretty impressed with him.

Its dark and stormy now... its a perfect day.

A perfect day for mourning.

Dear God,
At times like these I believe you exist
If You could only spare the time
To let my pet lie down beside Your feet,
If You could pat his head and let him in
Or send an angel to the gate to meet him
When he comes, lost and forlorn;
If you could help in any way,
I would be glad

For he had never been alone until today,
And even in Heaven, I know he will be sad
Without my voice to chase his fears away.
He'll miss our reassuring had upon his head.
You see, we were inseparable, and now
He will not undersand this being dead.
I do not understand it well, myself.
O please, dear God, give him a place to wait
Through the long years, a patient ghost,
Until the day I meet him at Your gate.

-A little prayer from an atheist


Simba and Jazzi said...

So sorry to hear your sad news.

Sending hugs and nose licks

Simba xxx

Jay said...

Oh dear.. this is really sad sad news... :(


Claire Pang said...

Thank you Bear for informing your doggie friends of Cody's passing. I'm sure he would have loved to stay on and play with you forever....Just as he was just starting to warm up to you