Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm sick again.
My throat hurts...Pa didn't realise there was something wrong with me until when he tried to feed me in the morning.
I couldn't really swallow, so I didn't touch my food. Pa thought I was being picky with my food, but he should know that I really eat everything. I'm also teething, so it hurts to close my mouth completely. and I kept salivating.
AND I MEAN SALIVATING! Pools of it. You can see the picture that I practically am drowning in my own fluids!
Ok...maybe its not as bad as that...but I am leaving pools of saliva all over the place. Then I started vomitting yellow bile. That because I haven't eaten actually. Pa manage to get some food down in me in the evening...but I still wasn't eating much.
I salivate so much that my head is completely soaked after I lie down for a while.
When I didn't touch my food again, Pa brought me to the Vet for a check. Apparently I have a throat infection! Pa was right about licking things from the metal grills and floor. The Vet gave me a very shrap poke in my hind leg area!!! OUCH! and then told Pa that I should take some pills called antibiotics just in case.
Remember Pa has not been feeling too well as well? He has to take the same type of medicine too!
Ok... Pa says sleep is the best medicine...and I know I do that best. Now...if only I know how to keep from feeling like a wet rat when I wake up each morning. If I cannot eat again, Pa will be feeding me 'honey water'. What on earth is honey??


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you are both under the weather,

Hope you feel better sooon.

Nose licks.

Simba x

Jay said...

Hi Bear Bear, sorry to hear that you are not well.

Hope you will get well soon!


BigBrownBearBear said...

He doesn't behave sick definately...But he isn't eating much.


e said...

oh bear bear
get well soon, both you and your pa.

Won't be much blogging from us for the next couple of months, I don't think.

Until then
See you

Anonymous said...

Honey is good! Slurp that stuff up and you will fill way better lil guy!

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Poor Bear Bear & Pa,
We sure hope you both get better real soon. Bear Bear, try eating some cooked rice and boiled hamburger. That way you really don't have to chew with those sore teeth and jaws.
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers