Saturday, September 16, 2006

Today the sun came out.

Thank goodness....cause I dun think I can take anymore training.

Pa has been a bit mad about it.

Here we are doing the secret neck lick attack on sleeping people.

Its insane I tell you.
The here we are doing speed and height levi....levi....ermmm...something about floating. I'm 3.5months old. Sometimes I just wish he'll let me be just a puppy.
I mean...i'm already 10kg. Just how high does he expect me to go?
Had a great meal today and my belly's very round. Maybe if Pa can leave the office early, we can get to the park.
We were suppose to go to Sentosa today but Pa said it might rain. I have never been to Sentosa or West Coast Dog Run. I hope to see you guys there soon.

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