Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I just realised that I can change the time and date to the correct one!!!

Ok. my Pa not very computer blogging smart.

Meet Merli

I have been making friends all over and basically many people are surprised at my temprement. The run-of-the-mill commentry would go something like....

Curious Observer: "So that is a Lab? / Doberman? / Black Chihuahua?"

Pa: "No. Its a Rottie."

Curious Observer: "Oh. So is that the maximum size it would grow to?"

Pa: " should grow a little bigger."

Curious Observer: "But Rotts are VERY DANGEROUS right? they can Kill and bite."

Pa: "Only if you train it to."

Why can't people understand that...


Please do not blame us for being vicious when you lock us up in a cage hardly enough to fit us fully grown under the hot sun....and only let us out at night.

Even HUMANS would behave a little aggressive in situations like that.

Rottie Stories

Here are some Rotties in trouble....for just being rotties.

On less depressing moments, a shout out to Jeff and his newest addition to his family. Hope you grow up strong and demure unlike your older brother.

Pa also wants to add that the black and white tiles looks damn nice and funky.

Also so SPINNEE from the cowboy bar for *hearting* my Pa for having me!


that's about it.

More pictures at the park later!


Anonymous said...

Bear Bear is such a gentle boy.
Knows how to treats a lady with a kiss.

jaffeboy said...

Merli use to be my girlfriend but I dono what happen recently, there's no more sparkle. Now I know why!

Love Rott pups! said...

What a nice boy, Bear is! I know this is back in 2006, but i'm sure he's still just as nice a rotty dog as ever! Maybe he can make an appearance on the Rottweiler Blog some day!! Maybe he'll find some new Rottweiler puppy friends!!