Monday, September 18, 2006

List 5 things that make a true doggie friend..
  1. When I love unconditionally
  2. When I eat whats in front of me
  3. When I protect what is important
  4. When I respond to instructions perfectly
  5. When I understand sometimes alone is good

Actually I dun really understand the question...but THIS IS MY FIRST TIME GETTING TAGGED!

Wow. Thanks Scuba. So I got to pass on the Tagging thing right?? Since Jaffeboy hasn't written anything about it yet... can I tag him?

okok I dun cheat. I tag...

  • Eve & Fei
  • Flossy
  • Chester
  • Bond
  • Brody


Anonymous said...

i'll do it soon bearbear! :)

i like no. 3 and i'm sure you'll grow up to be a great dog who'll protect important things like your toys, your bone and you humans!! (ahmmm....not in order of importance i hope?)

take care! weather's sunny today!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bear bear =]

I love being tagged =] hehe

I will write it soon !!


jaffeboy said...

Time for more picture, Bear. I saw you PaPa snapping non stop @ the park. He's gonna need to upload soon.