Friday, September 17, 2010

National Dog Walk, Sentosa & Maya's Adoption

Thanks to Uncle Furry, we didn't need to lug our camera around to take nice pictures of ourselves! Visit his website for more great photos that day! Hopefully we can go back to photography soon to take pictures as good as Uncle Furry's.
The National Dog Walk was unfortunately blessed by rain in the morning... that ensured a really low turnout. However, the mud was well worth it! We even went into an inflatable pool that was filled with sea water... and suddenly a woman screamed at me! $6! $6!
Errr... ok... So we got out of the pool (which by the way had no indication that we had to pay... and had to actually buy coupons to pay... which was nowhere near the pool... which we eventually got distracted anyway from going back.) and we went visiting the great offers they had around the area.
We eventually bought what pa has been looking for a really long time...a KONG ROCKET BALL THROWER!Check out the youtube video on how the product works! and it works GREAT. It goes a lot further than you would think. And not more dirty hands touching our ball before it goes into our mouths!

Later, we went to Sentosa for a swim and a bath at Cafe Del Mar.
We met a few German Pups that had an excellent trainer for a Pa... they were beautiful too!
Well- motivated and adjusted... it was easy to see they were eager to please. We got our own bite toys from the same trainer as well. His stuff is da bomb. Say hi to Uncle Joseph Yeo of Lei Ces training school.
The Beach was great and we had a go using the Kong Rocket as well... Uncle Furry had a great time taking pictures of us...
Bruno really enjoyed the extra distance the Kong Rocket added to the ball and was happy to go really far out.
We were allowed off leash only in the water, so we made full use of it!
We were playing right under the life guard station... and they kept an eye out for us too! They were totally comfortable we use playing near them. This is a great thing.
We were reaching for the ball and Bruno always cheats by running faster than me!Ok... so he got the ball again... i'll just nip him in the butt... just as a sign of... well... HE CHEATS!


Anonymous said...

The joy of the chase is part of the charm, my boy Zac will run for hours.Sounds like you guys had the best time and boy are they great looking dogs. I just love and adore rottweilers they are truly wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you love showering Bear, great candid shots! Emma ;)

Buffy said...

I like the first pic. Good angle. Makes Daddy look slimmer. :-)