Thursday, September 09, 2010

Rotty (renamed Maya) has been successfully adopted!

Say hi to a whole new Maya! (Previously named Rotti) She has done SO well at Mutts and Mittens... and the Staff really took great care of her. She fattened up beautifully as well as her coat is now gleaming. Remember how she looked before? She is indeed beautiful. After a couple months of waiting, Shuan and Trey fell in love with her and decided to make her theirs.
She was rightfully ecstatic. On her day of her adoption... She could hardly sit still... She was a little nervous at first, but she got through it like a big girl! Look at how everyone is happy now!

On behalf of Maya, she would really like to thank Uncle Wei Xiang who believed in her... took her in, sheltered and boarded her when no one else would.

ASD (Auntie Wendy) for putting her ad out, finding Uncle Shuan and Auntie Trey, and eventually assisting on the adoption process.

Finally Mutts and Mittens for really truly taking care of her like one of their own.

Pa helped with the shopping for Maya's new stuff and boy is she a lucky girl. Pa didn't buy as many things for me even after so many years! Maya is truly in great hands. We hope to see her soon!
Remember to come play with us and not be strangers! We have SO MANY places to show you Maya! Come Out to PLAY!!!

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