Monday, September 06, 2010

The Big Shot photography challenge!

Hi Guys! Pa needs your help and votes. There is a new Reality Challenge called The Big Shot on Ch 5 and Pa needs his picture voted on! That's the original picture he took on the top! The picture posted was the slightly edited picture he sent in later... perhaps the unedited one would have been better. He was only given 15 mins to take the picture with his phone... lucky it was a great camera phone.
So please go to the FaceBook Page and remember to "LIKE" the page first... before going to Pa's picture to "LIKE" it as well. If you do not like the main page first... you will not be able to "vote" your like on his picture! I have seen the rest of the pictures... You be the judge! Please tell others to help too!!
In other news, We received with utter surprise from PawGlam and Pets magazine an appreciation gift because of our participation of the Pets Runway! Its a Beautiful Dog Tag... though i might not able to wear it... but I know someone that would love to have it... Right Auntie Sydnie?
Ok... pretty random... but MAN... what a weird flower... there are very very few black flowers in the world... Say hi to the Bat Orchid... which really isn't an Orchid at all.
And finally... a really strange signboard. For those that cannot understand it... the right column talks about serving puppy meat with duck. Argh... I really hope that's just an error in characters. Similar sounding would be using Wolfberries (a herb) to cook the duck in. *cross paws*


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love my gift! Thank you so much!

Nisha said...

Some restaurants are serving dog meat...heard this on local radio. A local DJ accidentally ate it at a dim sum place here