Friday, April 16, 2010

Volt the male JRT needs a new home!

Meet Volt. I haven't seen him myself but Charis has given a pretty good description of him.
  • He is born 13.02.09, male and sterilized. He is a super friendly JRT, loves attention and has lots of energy. He can do tricks like hi5 and hi10 and is very food motivated.
  • He used to be toilet trained with me but the previous new owner leash him in a garden all the time and did not train him at all and just let him do it anywhere in the garden so currently he lost his good habit.
  • He is really adorable and small sized for a Jack Russell. He is good with other dogs and people, always as friendly. He needs someone with lots of patience and love who will not give up on him easily, able to walk him often and able to persistently train him.
Anyone interested in looking for a new companion? email Charis at for a chance to view him as well!
Mousie says hi too!

***Volt has been successfully adopted!***

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