Monday, April 26, 2010

Mousie Goulie has been adopted!

I have just been informed that Mousie has been successfully adopted. Auntie E will also be contributing the $200 adoption fee. We were thinking probably the latest problem of 75 Dogs needing medical aid and new homes at the abandoned puppy mill.
after all the disagreements over this fellow and lost friendships, at least something good will then be passed on to others.
there are many other blogs from volunteers that shows the extent of the current problem at this project and perhaps the rest of you can help one way or another. You can find a list of items they need at the Dog Mill Rehomers web page on the right side.
I wouldn't be doing any photo coverage here as others have done is better than me... and especially I haven't gone to take a look at the situation yet.
Mousie have apparently touched many people's hearts. I hope that would translate to helping other dogs as well.
Medical fees have been damagingly high for this project. You can see just how badly the dogs have been treated.
Some dogs are just more fortunate than others.
They will always have someone loving them.
They will always have someone looking out for them.
They will always have someone sleeping with them.
This is mousie's new brother... also another CHH... but...
they cannot be any other different. Mousie is the one on the right yes.
Hopefully we might be able to get more updates from his new Ma in the near future. At the mean time, please take a look at the dogmill websites and if you can, do something about it.


Ex Night Queen said...

well, a dog is lucky too if he gets noticed by your big, kind heart guolie! You are just as big and protective and loving as your rotties!

DoMoFi said...

We are glad Mousie is in good hands now! ^^