Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Bruno's recovery / New Collars / New Camera Lens / Sample pictures

Just to update anyone that is still interested in Bruno's Maggoty Wound... its all healed up already... it wasn't an easy trip i think... and it was pretty deep.
Looks like the hair is all growing back and there should also be minimal scarring.And this is Pa's newest big camera purchase... A Sony 50mm F1.4. Not that I know what all those numbers mean... but he seems pretty happy with it... Armed with his newest toy...
He has been snapping away like a little kid... and my goodness... the difference in having a good fast lens becomes apparent!
Looks like its a lens he should have acquired a long time ago... oh... the missed opportunities!Check out these Bento Boxes Auntie Joys and Auntie Haze made for their birthday doggies! I cannot imagine the amount of effort and work that went into these! And Bruno and me both had one each!
Oh my goodness... they were YUMMY. Nothing was left after these pictures were taken. Sorry we couldn't be there... But we heard it was pretty cramp anyway... and having a couple of rotties there would probably not be a good idea. But the food... we LIKE!
The lens is so great that minimal post-processing is even used. Suitably impressed... I allowed Pa to take pictures of me.
And this was the best he could do with his first attempt... Bah.
QQ and Ozzie also had nice cool new collars from Beary's! Handmade collars! Unfortunately... the collars wouldn't really fit us one bit... but I think it looks great on QQ and Ozzie. (Above Picture by Rachel Teo)
Check out how great the collar looks even on a sucky iPhone camera!
Nothing compared to the real pro camera of course... Pa realises that other from having a great lens... he still has a lot to learn. (Above Picture by Rachel Teo)
Now to bring the lens out for a spin. Lets see what a basic cam like the A100 with an excellent lens can do.Auntie Dephany Maia organised a Twitter & Plurk picnic called Twitnic... and it was an excellent time to shake off some dust. (Above Picture by Rachel Teo)
Auntie Leshane KuKuNehNeh (what a mouthful) was the first one to break the ice and she easily came over with her hubby-to-be Uncle Krisandro and it wasn't long before she was happily hugging and humping me.
What a cute and loving couple these two are... and I am just so happy they were not afraid at all... though this is the very first time we met.
This is Auntie Dephany Maia and she is a little more bias towards Bruno. I just she just like dumb himbos. Anyway... she did come over to hug me first... or... rather I made sure of that.
But she had her devious ways with Bruno anyway.
This is Auntie Ingrid and she was with Uncle Daryl Tay and his doggie too! We all got along just fine.
We met plenty of other people at the picnic as well... and it wasn't one of those crazy picnics... though it was really... really... HAWT.
Auntie Rachel was also there and apparently she has never taken a picture with us before... TADA! her very first Bruno picture.
And guess who did we meet by chance! it was Auntie Pam Oei! We had met once before... but didn't really have a chance to take pictures!
She looks mighty glad to meet us too!
Uncle Nick Lee was there too... and he took plenty of pictures of us in his camera... a Canon 5D Mk I with a 17-40mm len wide angle lens! Check out the cool effects he manage to get with such a high end camera!
It was a lovely day... and many people appreciating me for who I am... and not what breed I am.
I am SUITABLY happy.
QQ also had quite a few great pictures taken of her!
Such a pretty little girl... I can eat her all up.
Thank you Uncle Nick Lee! You can see more of his pictures on his flickr account.


DoMoFi said...

Hi Bear/Bruno,

Ouch! f1.4 means it's expensive! lol.

Anyway good to know your wound is healing up Bruno.

Astrid Keel said...

Oh my dog! Those are WONDERFUL photos!

We're so glad that your boo boo is getting better.

Nikki said...

Godpa says switch to Nikon (or maybe Canon) coz 50mm f1.4 doesn't cost a bomb but it's a full-frame lens rather than a digital lens so effectively becoming 75mm f1.5 which is great for portraits. Gosh, he's speaking in alien tongue.

BigBrownBearBear said...

Thanks Nikki!

I also didn't know what that all meant... but I told my Pa and he said to say....

no money to change system.

What system is he talking about?

Wow Gold said...
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Wow Gold said...
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