Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bruno and Bear needed to donate essential blood for Twinkle

Before receiving the call that Both Bruno and I are needed urgently, we knew that Twinkle was in need of some urgent help. When we got the 2nd call... that the blood was now urgently needed, we went down immediately after dragging Pa out of the office and into the car.
But we did realise just how painful the entire procedure was... It was just about donating blood. First, a sample was taken from us... to see what blood type we were.Then... the put PINK pressure bandages on us! PINK!... Actually we didn't mind lah.. but the doctors and nurses were making such a big deal.
Next they started to smear our blood on a card... spreading it with some other reactive chemical... and spread round round round... and the same time muttering and chanting to themselves... I think they were really very tired.
It was interesting to see just how careful they were typing us. Apparently the other place where Twinkle had her first failed transfusion was really fast. A lady with two golden retrievers reacted to the call first... and she "donated" her dog's blood... for $1 for every ml.
That's like over $850 for two bags of doggie blood... and it FAILED. the procedure was also very fast... like 15 mins... as if the dogs were really used to the abuse. Even though we were pretty mild mannered, we were still sedated slightly.
Here is Bruno looking over and guarding a pretty ill-feeling Twinkle. That's Josh... Twinkle's Papa.
Twinkle has an needle stuck up her paw... and she limps around pretty painfully. Feeling terrible, she doesn't move much. Twinkle's half brother wasn't so lucky... he died after 6 hours of ingesting possibly Rat poison that was placed around housing estates... Please please please train your dogs not to pick up foreign food like things on the floor.
The results are OUT! Both Bruno and me are a perfect match for Twinkle!
The next thing was to have Pa sign a Permission Form... explaining the dangers of having us sedated etc. The fact that we might die suddenly dawn upon us.
After that the doctors and nurses refused to allow cameras inside... Pa wanted to take some pictures during our heroic moment! We were also put on drip to replace the valuable blood we just DONATED... not SOLD hor... I cannot imagine people selling their dog's blood.
We were full of energy when we came in... excited about the midnight trip. But being sedated knocked us out completely. We even got little nice white cards....
As happy as we were helping to save another life...
And making Twinkle's Papa so happy he kept giving us tummy rubs...
We had a bald spot to show for it....
You see... the had to take the blood out from the Jugular Vein. That means shaving a place on the neck, and sticking a needle down my neck. Somehow, they felt that most Doggie Owners wouldn't be able to stomach that i suppose.

At least this time I got a blue bandage.
Here is Bruno having his IV removed.
Twinkle later had a couple of rejections from the blood... and some injections were used to help counter that... Right now... she is still feeling pretty ill and hopefully our blood would help her get back on her feet soon.
Good Luck Twinkle! Its ALL up to you now.


Astrid Keel said...

Good luck Twinkle! You guys are such heroes for donating blood. :)

Nikki said...

Wow, first time I see doggy blood donation and transfusion. Do they give "milo and biscuits" after that?

Maltesam said...

hi, I'm twinkle papa....really appreciate what bruno and bear did....and their papa late still come I really dunno how to thank them...

Twinkle is on the road to recovery after close to 3 weeks of battle. I even have to be on her medication coz I got too worried and have gastrointestinal upset too lol.

Anyway, really BIG BIG BIG thank you to these kind folks...nothing can really express my gratitude towards them.

I LOVE YOU BEAR & BRUNO! You will always be my twinkle's knights in shinning coat I mean :-)

Wow Gold said...

wow ! what a blog

Wow Gold said...

wow ! what a blog

Amber-Mae said...

You're a hero Bruno! Glad Twinkle is getting better. Chloe donated blood to her sick friend last year & he survived from a severe case of tick fever.

Saggy Gold Dancer