Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some updates on Bruno's health

Pa got lazy (I was busy lah.) and we didn't have any real bone meal for quite a while. Not to mention the big freezer broke down and space for storing our food was compromised. So we were on dry doggie food for a period of about 2 weeks.
In just two weeks, Bruno's pristine white teeth had a very thick obvious layer of Tartar on his rear molars. His breath also stank. That was when Pa discovered it. Suitably shocked... and then dismayed... Pa quickly went back to the Bone diet... and the Tartar significantly lessened after a week.
Here you can see the same tooth but with less tartar... almost all gone.
And a little more time passed and Bruno's teeth went back to normal. If this isn't conclusive evidence that dog food is NOT really that great for dogs... then I dun know what is.
sometimes... I really do not know what humans can come up with... Dog food not good for dogs? What else can they come up with!
And this little brat... dun know what is good for him at all. Ass itchy... bite bite bite
Then after that... suffer the consequences.
Bruno and me lives out in the open... so unknown to Pa, he had a small infection that didn't turn out to be that small afterall. This picture was taken AFTER the wound had been cleaned and disinfected.
Its still healing... but he will be fine... Not to mention how Pa had to slowly remove the maggots one by one that were hiding inside that tiny hole. Or how Pa couldn't believe his eyes when he soaked the wound in alcohol... and the wound started moving.



eileen` said...

ecks! poor bruno!

and poor pa for having to pick out worms. :P

Nikki said...

Raw forever :) Well, except for the Nylabone which I love chewing.

How did maggots get there?

bagel said...

mega ew! anw hope bruno gets better!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh gee, that's bad. But isn't it weird that we eat kibbles & home cooked food everyday & our toofies don't get brushed as often as it should infact, it's been about 3 weeks since we brushed our toofies & it is still shining white. No signs of tartar at all & our breath smells like food & dog breath as usual. I wonder how Bruno got such bad tartar within 2 weeks? Maybe it's the quality of the kibbles? We eat Addiction + boiled meat, veggies + soup is was used to boil the meat. Our food is basically wet all the time.

Well, just glad to know Bruno's toofies are clean again after chewing & gnawing on those raw meaty bones. It's actually the meat that they chew on that is rubbing away the tartar not the bone. It works just like rawhide bones.

Saggy Gold Dancer

Astrid Keel said...

Urrrgh! Maggots! EEWY!

The photos regarding the tooth tartar are amazing... Scary even!

Wow Gold said...
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Wow Gold said...
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