Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update on Trip (previously known as Tripod)

Auntie Lillian was kind enough to update us on Trip's condition and even sent us some photos!

This was what she wrote!
Dear friends and well-wishers of Tripod (now Trip),

Here's quick update - it's been exactly one week since Trip has moved
in here to his new home and he's gotten pretty comfy pretty quickly.
He's all puppy goofiness and falling over all the time and he's also
a quiet and independent dog.

He loves his doggy toys (thanks Petbuddy!) and sleeping on my stuff.
He likes grass and flowers and butterflies and bees. He's a picked a
corner of my study that he loves sleeping in and he loves that corner
so much I've seen him lick the wall. That's all I've figured out for

He's got a bad case of mites now (it's not contagious) so he's itchy
and has to wear that cone for a while more. It's not helping his
balance much! He's a on a bunch of meds so we're hoping to beat this
thing soon though it will probably take weeks.

I'm afraid I don't have more interesting photos of him because
everytime I whip out a camera, he comes running excitedly towards me
(see photo #1). So, the only in-focus pictures I've managed are ones
of him sleeping.


Trip hopes to meet you all soon if he hasn't already!

- Lillian
Sounds like the little brat hasn't changed a bit! I especially like the bit about the Grass, Butterflies and Bees! Bees?? Trip Trip Trip... somethings i guess you will have to find out about yourself.Looks like Auntie Lillian has quite an eye for pictures as well... I hope to see more pictures about Trip here!I hope he doesn't get TOO lonely... cause hey... you are welcome to come back to visit anytime Trip. And we'll go run in that big ass field i've been telling you about.Until then, Bruno's been waiting for you to get back... I've told him that you weren't getting back. "good riddance" I heard him utter under his breath... but as he suns himself, I catch him look at the gate waiting for you.

Mr Foo the taxi driver has been in contact with us, and money has been offered back to him. However, he would hear nothing of it, refusing to accept even a small compensation. He wants Auntie Lillian to use the money for his medical fees.

While it is great that we have people like Mr Foo, it is also obvious to me that we cannot always depend on people like him to save us dogs. We have been thinking of starting a fund so that dogs that need emergency procedures like Trip here, can depend on the collective good rather than the individual.

What do you guys think?


DoMoFi said...

Grow up strong like Bruno! Then bully him for real this time! heheh!!

Anonymous said...

A fund for dogs in need. I've been thinking and suggesting the same thing for a while now. Finally, something you and I agree on.:)

Let me know if this takes off and how how I can help.Nest Regards - puregolden

Anonymous said...

Of course I meant Best sad typing skills.:(