Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jay Jay the Mini Chow in need of a new Home

Remember Jay the Mini Chow? We still have not been able to re-home him! I need all your help in finding him a new home soon! Apparently the owner's dad has put a strict timetable on his survival.
As you can see, he is 5 years old, not a very big Chow at all! that why we call him a Mini Chow! He is rather well-behaved and makes a great companion! But it looks like he is in need of a grooming soon!

Just in case you guys have forgotten the contact details, it is Mandy, 96567222.

Or you can also contact Pa at no problem.


Amber-Mae said...

His head is not in proportion with his body. We hope he finds a good home soon. Yeah, he needs to be groomed badly.

Solid Gold Dancer

Unknown said...

is this dog approve for hdb? thx

gracieloufreebush said...

i have sent an email to the address stated below. would really love to meet jay jay 'in dog'! my fiance and i are sincere in having a new member join our family.

hope to hear a reply.


Anonymous said...

we adopted jay jay and gave him a total make over.. he gets on very well with phebe and now waiting for the time to have him spayed

look at him now