Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A simpler Life in Bali

Life is a funny thing Pa says... sometimes you just want to be alone, sometimes you wish you had someone to share it with.

Seeing all he had on the niffy scooter he rented, he wished he could share it with someone... I think he means me.

Everyone was pretty amused at the little head dress he had on... but remembering the time he had put on someone else's helmet and developed an outbreak of pimples, he decided not to take any more chances.
Life in the smaller villages seems very laid back and simple. Children possess that innocence in the eyes that sometimes city kids no longer have. As a therapy dog before, I had seen my share of lost innocence.
And they make use of everything around them to stimulate their sense... they might not have much, but they certainly make do. Check out the construction of a simple toy boat from this little boy.
Good Food! at $20/kg, these lobsters were fresh and a real steal. Pa definitely had some really good food. Too much it seems!
Sunset over at Bali's Kuta beach. It was rather packed and everyone just wanted to see the really beautiful sunset.
Pa saw this lovely couple there... and wished that she was there looking at him the same way she is looking at him in the picture. The rest of the world blurs out. Well, I wish Pa would look at me the same way too... in a totally owner/pet way of course.
Meet QQ the jumping Rabbit.
I really like Rabbits.
Sometimes she pretends to be a horse, but I know its just pretend.
Really she can be anything she wants to be. Show-dog, Rabbit, Horse...
We'll still play with her!
Even Bruno would be happy to be a Rabbit alongside her.
At the end of the day, it is just as much fun as you decide to put in. Life is simply too short especially for us dogs to have anything else but fun.


Aki and Poopie said...

hmmm... are you sure that's a rabbit? *squints eye* why do i keep seeing a blinking light with "schanuzer" written all over it.. BOL..

the lobster looks yummy.. how i wish i can eat that (manang can't too :( ).. but i'm gonna have a very bad case of allergies if i do.. buhuhuhu...

good deal for your dad, though.

drooly kisses,


cancanma said...

QQ! Check out the ears...hehe..

Chow Chow said...

Chow Chow likes to play pretend too....he pretends to be a rabbit, a toad, a spinning top, a lion, a teddy bear, a gardener....maybe this is how he injects fun into his simple dog life.