Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dog bite stats

Taken from Dogbite.org

Study highlights

  • Biters are 6.2 times as likely to be male than female
  • Biters are 2.6 times as likely to be intact than neutered
  • Biters are 2.8 times as likely to be chained as unchained
  • Biters were significantly more likely to be German Shepherd or Chow Chow, male and unneutered, 50lbs and above and under 5 years of age
  • Biters were significantly more likely to reside in a house with one or more children and more likely to be chained while in the yard
  • Children aged 12 and younger were the victims in 51% of all cases; the median age of all bite victims was 12 years (range 1-83 years)
  • 64% of bite victims were male
  • 76% of the bites were recorded as minor and 24% as severe
  • 50% of bites occurred on the sidewalk, street, alley or playground; 30% in the owner's yard; 14% in the owner's house and 4% in the victim's yard
Notice something???

The Rottweiler is not even MENTIONED!

However, the site does put us as pretty dangerous. Go take a read especially where innocent children lose their lives to irresponsible owners.


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

interesting facts. Thanks for posting! The best defense for dogs is education.



Anonymous said...

It's a few days late but I've just read the newspaper article on the new rottie rules and thought of Bear and Bruno...I think it's a whole lot of crap actually. Your dogs are the sweetest and I hope I can meet them one day. :)