Monday, October 13, 2008

Clubpets Mag Contest! / KM8 Sentosa

Oh my god! The others told me about it, but I could hardly believe it! I'm in the finals running for Club Pet's Cover Dog! Check out this month's Club Pet's Magazine, issue 29 page 45!
The silly voting form has to be hand written and mailed in. It doesn't even have a mail to address! But Pa manage to find out that you have to mail your vote to:
Citrus Media Pte Ltd
No 87, East Coast Road
#02-01 Singapore 428789
Buy your Clubpets magazine now and tear it out! Vote for BEAR! Vote for BEAR! Anyone wants a copy? Pa has ordered a few and would love to mail them to you if you will VOTE FOR ME!
Check out who we managed to meet up at KM8 Sentosa!THAT'S RIGHT! Its Nikki's Godpas! We all had a WHALE of a time there!
Everyone was having a PARTY and for the first time... We're invited! Well, not exactly, but at least we all had a bit of booze to drink and babes to watch.
There were people people and more people... there were other doggies there, but Pa didn't want to scare them... he let them come over... oh well.
Bruno was basking the his full glory, braving the sun. I could see that he was really new at all this attention and people having fun.I of course did the smart and right thing. I hid under the best cover I could find. I am sure you will agree that it was the best thing to do.
Looking back at these pictures, I sometimes suddenly realise just how big I am. Compared to Pa, of course I am much smaller. But compared to her... I'm just real glad she likes me.
Even for me, I could see she was plenty cute. And smart. She likes me right? do you need any other proof?
Bruno definitely didn't get the same treatment I did with her. But he was too dumb to notice.
He on the other hand was busy trying on Pa's sunglasses.Of course he has his fair share of cute babes wanting to get to know him better. He was pretty proud about it all.I just let him have all the limelight then. Its ok. I had my bit.
A REALLY long weekend. And with this Magazine contest, I'm really tired. Remember to Vote! And if you are American, remember to VOTE too!


Anonymous said...


that last picture is just too sweet for words. The brotherly love is so apparently in that photo (and the amt of time your pa spends with the both of you)


cancanma said...

Wooohoo... Babelicious! :)

taky said...

omg bear! all the best! =D

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Hi! I just found your blog and was hoping it would be ok if I link mine to yours?

Peanut said...

holy look at all those babes. Good job dudes

BenTheRotti said...

Hi Bear Bear,

We would love to vote for you, but unsure if they will accept votes from the UK. Could you please look in the magazine and see if it excludes votes from out of the country? We have friends over there that could possibly send us the form out of the magazine if we asked them.

We peek in on you often, Mum thinks you are SOOOO handsome!

love and tailwags,

Ben xxxx

The Musketeers said...

WE WILL BUY A COPY TO VOTE FOR BEAR ! BOL ! Have a fun fill weekend !!


Chow Chow said...

Bear Bear is so cute! And handsome too...just like my Chow Chow..LOL!

Okie, saw Bear Bear's pic in Clubpet and I really think he is so cool!