Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy Hari Raya! / Beds at Mohd Sultan

Thanks to Uncle John, and his REALLY cool camera, he managed to get a really good picture of Pa in his craziest post this year. So to all my Muslim Friends, I know we do not always see eye to eye in MANY issues, I will would like to wish you a Happy Hari Raya! And its a double blessing today as it is also Children's DAY! Yummy!
Recently, Pa has been going to a pub called Beds at Mohd Sultan, though he might not be going anymore... since once again, it is obvious I am a hell lot more popular than he is.
Its my dark complexion i believe. Girls just go gaga over dark meat.
Looks like this weekend Pa is going off diving again, after spending like a ton of money and not on ME! I'll be stuck at the Farm all alone. Bruno doesn't count. Anyone wants to bring me out?

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