Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bear's Birthday Giveaway! Contest Details here...

Looking back at the past year... a lot has happened since I came to live with Pa. I even have a brother now! And soon, we may have a new puppy in our family!

We even managed to re-home a few fellows, and life has generally been really good. It has yet been another good year. Pa has been wanting to hold a birthday party for me for a very long time. However, timing is always bad and it looks like this year's gonna be the same.


So to make up for a lack of a birthday party, I have decided to hold a contest instead!
3 sets to be given away to the best blog entries! Its a Bear Bear action stuff toy beanie, a limited addition hand written saucer + Rottie Expresso Cup (hand painted and hand made) and a really tough and handy Bag that has two external pockets. Coincidentally it says "I have raised a Fish Bear" and "Arrogant Bear"

Muahahahaha... It really describes me totally.

All you have to do is to write "Why Rotties are Good for you..." or any other similarly related blog post and I will choose the 3 best entries on my birthday. Place the link here in the comments page. Also remember to link your post to my blog!

It wouldn't matter where in the world you are at. Winners will be notified via email and the prizes will be either mailed to you or you can come pick it up and shake my paw as well.

Looking forward to your contest entries!!!


Amber-Mae said...

WE'RE BACK!!! Happy Barkday to you Bear! Oh wow, what a kewl contest. But I don't have much experience with Rotties. So far the ones I met are friendly & are very protective of their owners but they are gentle with little children too. Hehe!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

BigBrownBearBear said...

yep... that we are.

Just write something good about rotties and you'll be in the running for Bear Bear's Birthday giveaway!

Ben & Darling said...

Hi Bear Bear!!! Happy I will need to write a post to win ya pressie??? This is abit hard coz the lazy mommy dont want to type for me...anywhere we will try to work out on it. Stay tunes ya!!!

Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

Ayoh- the contest prizes not that attractive lah. Better offer Bear2 for the day as a Cuddly Huggy Bear! Alternatively- a blown up pix ( poster sized) of Bear2 sticking his head out of your car (the one in this blog)might be good. Haha.

Why Rotties are good for you?
1. they make you laugh every time you look at them. One word to describe their faces: Goofy.

2. the mismatch of looks and character ( provided that they are affectionate)- warms your heart. Picture a Rottie sleeping on your lap like a lap dog...

3. Personal protection: only fools and those who know the dog well will risk getting bitten by attacking you when the Rottie's around. Watch the Rottie's jaws...but watch also the Rottie's big paws. When he steps on you- that's no joke! A lethal weapon.

4. They help you make friends with people who like dogs. (Never mind those who dont). Good for your social life.

5. they make you get a big car. Never mind if it is a van. They are not going to fit in well in a Fit or a Getz. But even if you do get a small car, it will make heads turn to see a squashed driver with a happy slobbering black mass of muscle. they...

6. bring joy to the roads.
(Whether it be the drivers who laugh when they see the dogs...or the gleeful workshop when these people hit someone else's car while laughing at your dog).

7. On rainy nights, they warm your feet. On hot days, when you give them a bath, they shower you with more than grateful thanks. Think water, think drool. Think cool.

Haha. Just for fun to start the day....

BigBrownBearBear said...

Oh my goodness... all true! Ok! Keep them coming!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bear Bear! I found your blog over at Ambre-Mae's. I came to check your blog and you are having a contest! So am I.

Why Rotties are Good For You

Rotties are beautiful to look at and beauty is good for the soul. They have great personalities and are fun to be around. Rotties, even though they are mostly sweet, have a reputation that will make a bad person think twice before they will come close to you. Rotties make nice pillows, just ask my human niece. She used to have a rottie pillow and play companion when she was a little girl. Having a rottie sitting majestically beside you makes you look more important.

BigBrownBearBear said...

Muahahaha.... totally! Anyone else? contest ends tomorrow!

Ben & Darling said...

Oh is the contest still on?? we are kinda slow in everything...its all mom's fault.

Why Rottie are good for me??
Of coz they are good, I love it sooooooooo much, they are tasty, yummy, full of protein and carbohydrate.....and and they just simply delicious. I have it for part of my breakie everyday!!!

(Mom: Excuse me BenBen, people talking about Rotties, the Rottweiler. Not the roti/ bread you ate everyday la!!!)

Erm....hehehe paiseh neh.

So, why rotties good for us?
Well, they are BIG, that makes them look scary and untouchable...nobody dare to challenge them and that make them a great leader or protector, but they actually have a kind heart inside their body that sometime can melt your heart...for a very good example, when I got bullied by the evil Twinkle, Ben the rottie from UK help me lot!! He manage to defeat Twinkle by uploading a girly Twinkle pic in his blog, that show rottie is a smart dog.

Then Bear Bear, the rottie help out the unfortunate one by asking us gettng a furever home for the poor one. Thats a very kind of Bear Bear and the most important thing is that Bear Bear the rottie organise this pawsome contest which giving out pawsome pressie!!!!

This make rotties the best!!!
Mom, is this good enough??
(The mom was totally speechless....)

Slurpy licks,

BBBBBBB said...

Looks like everyone decided to post in the comment box instead.

Why Rotties are good?
Because well-trained, well-socialised Rotties can actually be very intelligent and soft and loving.
It always make people go awwwwwww when you see a huge supposedly fierce dog acting like a ragdoll (back to cat topic! HASHAHHA!). Awwwwwww