Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Singapore Movie Fiesta - BBBB

With the latest Doggie Movie Underdog, Rotties are once again portrayed in the bad light with Riff Raff... who acted as the bully. However, you might like to know that...
BRONCO (Riff Raff) joins the ranks of great canine villains in the role of Riff Raff – but couldn’t be a sweeter dog. Things were looking down for Bronco, who was languishing without a home in a city shelter, when Boone Narr’s team rescued him and turned his story from rags to riches, discovering his star potential. Like most Rottweilers, Bronco is large, intelligent and powerful with a handsome black-and-tan face. But he also proved quick to learn new tricks, allowing him to play a part quite different from himself!
Bronco is actually a Stella actor! He is the totally opposite of what is was in the movie.

Now... that is what I call acting!
Why are "Large, intelligent and powerful" dogs always penalised? It isn't our fault that we are born that way... We are great care givers as well! No one would actually dare to call me a carebear in my face of course... They can... but somehow I think that isn't the first thing on their minds face to face.

If I were a Superhero, I would call myself BigBrownBearBear! I will have 2 Bs on each side of my body!

"Nothing I wouldn't Dare
Nothing I wouldn't Bear
Big Brown Bear Bear." - in development motto.

That's my uber-secret identity... and in the day time I would be just a hero (not superhero) and work and train as a Search And Rescue dog! In my spare time, I will take part in Therapy Sessions and be a Therapy Dog!
Ok... so about half if it is already true... I wouldn't change it for the world! When being a hero isn't enough, then I would don on my Superhero BBBB costume and swoop in to save the day!

I will have all the super powers i need to save the day... and of course all the yummy treats from Pa. That would be like my Spinach! I will regain my strength and save the day again!
I will have my Red Cape and Glowing Eyes when I fly! I like Red... it goes well with the rest of my body. Danger Dog! I'll patrol and spot for people in trouble!
I would be living on a simple Farm and when I hear anything, I will run to the door to hear it better... I would give a couple of short barks to alert Pa who will turn on his MacgizMo and see if there is any missions available! If there is, he will dispatch me to the place in need for me to save the DAY!
My arch nemesis will be Kiasu Man. He will always be ready and hidden... trying to catch me without my leash or Muzzle. which would then weaken my powers to that of a normal dog... and I am then handicapped to save the day. But I will show that even without my superpowers... anyone can be a Hero!
Oh... and ermm... Singapore Movie Fiesta. (ish a contest requirement... dunch worry about it.)

By the way... the fact that BBBB looks like 8888 has nothing to do with the fact Pa is ethnically Chinese and that it means great prosperity.


(T) (H) (B) said...

Hahah. Funny la u..

BigBrownBearBear said...

Bear thanks you.

*lick lick*