Monday, March 17, 2008

Schnauzer x Yorkshire Terrier (i think!) up for Adoption

Pa has taken in another Stray.

No microchip, no name, no one to look out for her.

We have been just calling her Ger Ger.
Pa found her at the gate, shaggy hair and afraid. He bathed her and groomed her. With a preliminary check by the Vet, it looks like she is rather young (2-3years old) and quite healthy.
We are looking for someone to adopt her and give her a loving home.

She is extremely small, maybe 2-3kgs only and very insecure. She seems ok with humans but very very snappish with other dogs big or small. Especially when she is held by you.
She is quite quiet in general... So quiet that Pa could even bring her into Wheelock Place to have his Nokia phone serviced!

Hiak hiak hiak... She was quite excited Pa thinks. Lucky Bitch. I had to work at the office.
Well... that's about all I went recently. I think Pa is kinda neglecting me.



Nikki said...

Hi, Ger Ger has interesting looks and beautiful eyes. I'm interested in adopting Ger Ger and hope to know more about her.

I can be contacted at Thanks.

Amber-Mae said...

Aww, she's sweet! I hop she finds a good hoe soon...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Thiang! said...

Hmm. She's cute, I don't think it's Schnauzer x yorkshire though. :/

JesuaFreak said...

She's mine !!!! ROARsssss

Anonymous said...

The dog is adorable!

Is the other animal in the picture up for adoption too?